"The Unhealer isn't simply about a young boy who gains super powers and seeks revenge on his tormentors; It also explores the abuse of those powers and how easy it can be to lose yourself given tremendous circumstances.”

Writer, Shawn Harris, On The Unhealer

“We look at this project as laying the groundwork for re-energizing the state’s film business. The Unhealer’s above-and-below the line talent are proving to be a terrific working blend of great professionals from two great film markets, Los Angeles and Phoenix.”

Cristi Harris On Filming In Arizona

"Martin puts his whole heart into everything he does. He's been such a pleasure to work with."

Elijah Nelson On Director, Martin Guigui
In Post-Production


Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi


Martin Guigui


Kevin E Moore & J Shawn Harris


Galen Walker, Cristi Harris, Shawn Harris, Tony Hannagan


Natasha Henstridge, Corbin Timbrook, Larry A. McLean

Executive Producers

Jim Gardner, Hamish Gibson

Associate Producers

Denny Schnulo, Jessica Lion, Pete Wooster
Lance Henriksen as Reverend Pflueger | Taken By Kathrine Kohl Thorbek/Photographer


The Unhealer

After an ancient Native American burial site is desecrated and robbed, unleashing otherworldly effects, a sickly and disturbed local boy becomes instantly healthy while rapidly gaining alarming supernatural powers. But when he uses those powers to enact murderous revenge on the teens who bully him, the unnerving, bloody horrors begin and won’t end until he surrenders his powers or his life.

Branscombe Richmond as Red Elk | Taken By Kathrine Kohl Thorbek/Photographer
Director, Martin Guigui | Taken By Kathrine Kohl Thorbek/Photographer

Behind the Scenes Footage

Produced By Ian Fisher
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